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3 Ways to Create the Life You Always Imagined & Let Your Inner Brand Shine

In the past 10 years, I had survived Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and a contested divorce, and I consider these moments in my life a blessing. Of course these were traumatic experiences that brought on feelings of anger, bitterness and resentment, but it enabled me to have the epiphany of what is truly precious to live the life I truly imagined and bring out the best in me. I want to share with you what I have learned.

Why is it so hard for us to say “I love my life!” For some of you, the life you believe that will make you blissfully happy and give you fulfillment is the perfect job, a bigger home or finding your soul mate. I want to address how inner peace with yourself can bring you the life you truly enjoy living. Before you can start you need to truly ask yourself……….are you truly willing to do the work? There is no pill to take or DVD to buy. It’s about going deep and calling yourself out in order to truly manifest a happy and successful life that you’ve always wanted for yourself. Take a deep breath. Let’s start.  


1.  Let it Go. You must start by letting go of what no longer serves you. I’m sure you didn’t have to ponder who or what that is, because the answer came very quickly didn’t it. The past hurts, heartbreaks, and disappointments blocks you from living fully in the present. We all have had those experiences with former friends, lovers or family members who do not bring out the best in us or we didn’t bring out the best in them. The awareness that this person has no place in your life right now is enlightening and courageous if you choose to let him/her go and walk away with a smile.

2.  Forgiveness. Living with bitterness and resentment does you no good. The even greater challenge is forgiving yourself to truly let the healing begin. Think about it like this…forgiveness is really something we do for ourselves to heal, quiet the inner turmoil, and make peace with ourselves, which enables you to let it go. Why is it easier to apologize, but the real overwhelming power is to forgive. Living with this mentally and emotionally demon is a daily struggle that you can relinquish, trust me it is such an epic release to Forgive.

3. Self-Worth. If you are able to let go of past hurts, forgive, then you are honoring your self-worth. Sitting in your truth and obtaining inner peace is loving yourself. It’s not narcissistic to have the belief that you are worthy, the difference is you have empathy and love your soul. Don’t be deaf to the quiet voice inside of you, that guides you when you are not honoring your self-love. If you value your self-worth, you will not tolerate anyone that treats you less than that.  

Simply, you need to heal from the inside to bring out that beauty and that "inner brand" you want to convey to the world . These are not easy steps and the hardest self-revelations that you will have to face, and it’s not going to happen overnight. The awareness to start a daily practice to let go, forgive and honor your self-worth can be magical if you open yourself to try it. Thank you for reading and I would love to hear your stories how these steps may have helped you.