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Spirit of Giving goes viral.

Today marks the National Day of Giving now coined as “Giving Tuesday”. I know you are probably still full from your Thanksgiving feast, haggered from the Black Friday “door buster” sales, and starting to get overwhelmed by all the Holiday party invites and gifting, but let’s seriously take a time out.....shut off your cell, power down the laptop, sit still & truly appreciate what we have now so we can give fully.

If we really think about it we can write a page full of things that we are grateful for. Before I go to bed each night I try to write at least (5) things about my day that I’m thankful for. It could be as simple as someone holding the door open for me. The mindfullness of being sincerely grateful and to give wholeheartedly is a unique practice that I believe the universe will recognize and reward you.

So, have you taken the time to figure out how you are giving this year? For most people volunteering at your local mission, church or homeless shelter is not feasible, so why not find a new cause to learn about and donate to. 

If I could tell you that you could be rewarded for your donation, would you give every day? Interactive Donor Corp have created an innovative platform that will provide people with the ability to choose their own individual giving to a charity or cause while having an opportunity to win reward dollars and prizes of $100 electronic gift card (eGift Cards) for a shopping spree. They have over 40 national retailers where you can redeem your $100 eGift Cards on your cell and redeem your prize from brands like Gap, Sephora, JC Penney, Nike, Amazon, and many more.

Now go make a list of (5) things that made you grateful today, then turn your cell and laptop back on. Next tell me what cause or charity you are supporting this year and what are you going to use on your eEcard purschase.

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