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What Are Your 5 Major Highlights in 2013?

Aren't we are all amazed year after year by how fast the year has gone by.......then we quickly hit the fast forward button to replay the past year's events. Now is the time to hit pause and truly review and reflect.

Every year during the Christmas holiday we are all thrown in the mayhem of the holiday season from shopping for presents, holiday parties and the usual stresses from family drama. But we also need to take a time out for ourselves to reflect back as the year slowly comes to a close.  Why not devote ourselves to truly reflect on how magnificent your year has been, the highlights, as well as the low moments and what you took away from it.  

Besides writing out your Christmas cards list or your holiday menu's, I ask that each of you sit at your favorite spot, in your comfy chair and write at least (3) pages of your year in review. For some of you that hates to write, just list (5) major highlights of your year and what you have learned from each of them. Describe those experiences with people in your life that you grew closer with and those that walk away. What were your "aah haa" moments of the year that triggered an awareness in you? For those with kids, what has your children taught you about yourself this past year? I'm sure the moments will trigger something in you as you start to think back and become aware on how it brought you to where you are now.

Do this exercise as a way to give yourself some love. Express to yourself how you honored your self worth and what you know you still need to work on. Have you forgiven yourself or let go of past pains to finally heal from the heartache or disappointment? Lastly, close out your year in review not with New Year's resolutions, but with great hopes and experiences you want for yourself this coming year. 

Honor yourself and learn from your year in review and be open to love and abundance in the coming new year.