The LillyPad Group, LLC

Let us bring out the best in your brand, company or unique self. As Brand Strategist, Millennial Marketing Mavens, PR and Social Media Divas we can highlight and express your company's unique essence for today's Lifestyle.


About Me

What makes me unique is my ability to bring our the best in you and your brand.

I bring out the best in "creatives" to let them enhance their own authentic expression of themselves and what they are passionate about launching and creating. My years on Wall Street and as a financial consulting taught me how crucial it is to keep a keen eye on budgets, yet fully maximizing all creative resources to launch profitable campaigns.

My Signature Touch

My ultimate goal is the awareness to help you discover that your own individual brand is your voice, even if you're not aware you're using it...I can help you find it. What makes me successful is that I know how to “be real” with my clients, tap into their inner glam, and bring out their best in their brand. 

As a marketing and events professional for industries in beauty/spa, fashion and luxury goods, launching an online media company specializing in female lifestyle brands was an organic journey. My robust and hands-on experience stems from launching product releases at trade shows, styling photo shoots, and producing engaging brand campaigns for launch parties or Hollywood events.