Lilly Zabat

The LillyPad Group, LLC

Let us bring out the best in your brand, company or unique self. As a Brand Strategist, Millennial Marketing Maven, PR and Social Media Diva, we can highlight and express your company's unique essence for today's Lifestyle.


How to Brand You:

Team of dynamic strategists and hyper-engaging creatives that specializes on how to shine that spotlight on you, get your brand noticed, and create that emotional connection with your audience. With the courage to create bold ideas and the objective of showcasing your brand, we can transform your brand to a clarity that your audience will relate to, engage, convert and gain their loyalty. 




Social Media:

As Social Media Diva's we recognize that being transparent is not just an action item, but it is an Attitude and Lifestyle in today's professional and personal culture.  This objective comes natural to us. You gotta keep it real, be present and engage, along with our unique mix as Strategist and a Content Experts makes us a social community thought leader. The reach can not be met unless a powerful blend is maintained to get the message conveyed consistently.

As your SMD's we will create an online social media strategy for yourself, your brand or your company that conveys the digital viral experience. Our dynamic roles will be more than the daily management of content creation, but analyze the large marketing digital landscape to garner conversions. We are visual and engaging experts in producing integrated social perspectives that sparks those emotional responses, call to action, captive campaigns in a strategic way across multiple touch points.  


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