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5 Simple Ways to Give Thanks

As it is Thanksgiving week, it’s natural to start to look back on the year and reflect on all the things we are grateful for. No matter what may have transpired, from starting a new job, breaking up from a relationship, or dealing with a death in the family there are many moments or people that we can give thanks to. Take the time of Thanksgiving holiday to communicate with your friends and loved ones about how much we appreciate their existence in our lives. 

Most of you may never journal or write your gratitude list every day, and giving thanks takes practice. I can assure once you start practicing gratitude in your daily routine, you will notice how your Universe changes in a positive and abundant way. Thanksgiving is a perfect time to start. 

Below are 5 special way that you can show gratitude to the special people and things in your life. 

1. Before each meal, give thanks to the food. Appreciate every bite (yes, even the broccoli) and be aware how much it’s nourishing your body.

2. Try complimenting the people you come across every day. A sincere compliment is a small token of gratitude that affect people in big ways.

3. Don't forget your 4 legged friends, tell your pets how grateful you are to have their unconditional love and company in your life.

4. Now take a look around your home. Give a big shout out Thank You to each room, your 50" TV, your favorite comfy chair and fancy throw, your handy laptop and commercial juicer and meditate over the good memories created in each room of the house. (Don't forget your car in the garage too.) 

5. Most importantly, thank yourself! Thank your mind for all your creative ideas and talents, thank your body for being healthy, and thank your spirit that you are still alive and thriving.

These efforts may sound too simple, but making that conscious effort to honor your blessings and your connections with your loved ones makes our lives great. I hope you celebrate love, gratitude and abundance during this holiday season!