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Lipstick Miracle

Be a miracle to someone today. If I told you, you had the power to change someone’s perspective and outlook on life just by smiling at them, having eye contact and share a genuine moment with a simple hello…that a moment like that can perform a miracle. Would you do it?


Miracles are transcending. One of my favorite miracles occurred during my 8 rounds of treatments with chemotherapy. As part of the side effects of the chemo drugs, I was losing my long straight black hair and it traumatized me. I was known for my hair. I got voted "Best Hair" of my high school Senior class. I was a hair model in Hair Shows. I shaved it all off after my second round of chemo.

I felt like a bald shell and was lost in my own self-pity. I covered all the mirrors in my home. I didn’t want friends or family over to visit me. Before my diagnosis I was a wannabee fashionista, but I didn’t bother to wear makeup or wear a wig and just opted to wear large hats or my favorite way to hide, a hoodie. This was my uniform when I had to go out in public.

Until one day during a chemo treatment session I came across this beautiful women in her 60’s who was going through her 2nd round of remission. I couldn’t help but find myself staring at her. I remember always noticing her because I was impressed how she was always smiling, dressed well and wore the brightest red lipstick. I watched how her energy lifted the room with the other patients and staff.  One day, she sat next to me and asked me what I was hiding from.

She proceeded to tell me that I am not a victim of cancer. She told me that I was beautiful even without all my hair. That if I saw myself as beautiful as well, people around me would see it too. She told me to put on a little lipstick, to look up behind my hoodie and to smile more because there were handsome doctors walking around and they will never see me. She made me laugh. Her pure interaction and words touched me, and I found myself wanting to smile every time I thought of her.

We can easily retreat and hide. Disengage. Think that’s safe and cool. But a simple smile to a total stranger or small genuine "Hi" or a brief chat can work miracles.

I went back for my next chemo treatment and put a little lipstick on. Still wearing my hoodie, I was searching for my new friend, but she wasn’t there. I haven't seen her since that day, but I will always remember how she made me feel. That's a miracle.