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Flourish Friday

During my morning meditation today, as I tried to block off the “to do list” racing in my head, the word “flourish” divinely came into mind. When I think of the word flourish I think about Thriving… Growing…. Prospering. So I asked myself am I living a life that is flourishing?

Flourishing captures the full range of living a good life with a state of well-being.

We get faced with challenges and lessons that calls us out on this on a daily or hourly basis. When I went through my difficult divorce, I felt paralyzed with confusion and sadness. The goal was about surviving and not flourishing. Grieving, bitterness, resentment, and loss are what consoles you when you’re in the thick of it or going “bad shit crazy”.  That is all you see, smell, eat and breath. I refused to see the beauty and blessings all around me and inside my own heart and soul. I lost the ability to flourish.

I discovered the path to flourish from setbacks and painful disappointments starts with acceptance and forgiveness. If you can make that conscious decision and affirmation to put the past behind you, let go of anxieties of the future and be aware of the NOW to accept and forgive the lessons, you will begin to shed that bitter self and blossom into your best version of yourself and live with flourish.