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Today is the start of my new movement I want to call #ThankYouTuesday. Please help me spread the practice, create a selfless brand awareness and share it using #ThankYouTuesday. Why wait til Nov 25th each year but let’s start to think how we can make this a weekly or even daily practice to verbalize and express our gratitude and just say “Thank You”.

What are you Thankful for today? How will you be grateful for this day?

Gratitude changes everything. Especially the rough times, from a bad breakup or difficulties with a client or boss at work. So after 4 years he broke up with you, well, find the strength to say thank you for those beautiful times you did share together, what he taught you and the wrenching relationship will learn it and the result is, it opened you up to meet your true love and the chance to get it right this time. Your job sucks now, but be thankful for the networking opportunity that occurred working here in which will help you find an even better job that fulfills you. I know being thankful may be the last thing you want to do, but if you let go of the ego and give yourself the moment to reflect and just say a quiet thank you….you will slowly grasp the understanding that you have so many blessings to appreciate. 

Now if things are going fabulously amazing right now, then with the most sincerest gratitude be thankful for this life, for being alive, for all that you have, for your supportive friendships, for your children, for the love of your life.

Why not tell that special person Thank You today and share #ThankYouTuesday each week with someone different from your own inner circle. I know a person immediately came to mind, so now take action and just call him or her and express it. I know for some of you it may be way out of our comfort zone, but trust me it is so fulfilling when you say it purely and genuinely and put the appreciation out there.

Even if you don’t pray,  saying a simple “Thank You” is a form of prayer... Thank you for reading and please share your Thank You's with me below.