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Nostalgia Release

It's bittersweet how our thoughts like to go there....even the most painful of breakup moments can also take you back to those happy times foregone with that special person or ex. We all have those signs whether it be a song or place or a date on a calendar that triggers those thoughts from our past. According to Merrium-Webster, the definition of nostalgia is "pleasure and sadness that is caused by remembering something from the past and wishing that you could experience it again." As my best friend would say "would you want to sit there and watch a bad movie over and over again?" For some of us we do torture ourselves, keep holding on and replaying that movie on an endless loop. 

But for those that try so hard to block those thoughts when they come in, here are a couple of tips to try. Allow yourself to sit still for a moment and just recognize and address the core of the thought. For example, Ok nostalgic thought, you're back. I accept you're in my mind again. Don't let it be another not again or now what moment. Be aware that it is a thought from your past, and start to recognize your lessons from the experience.

Next and the hardest is to truly appreciate the glory of what you learned (some never do and will keep repeating those painful experiences until they do). This part is a repeated process and takes practice. Once this practice becomes a conscience awareness you will eventually have the grace to send him/her a beautiful blessing whenever you get those nostalgic thoughts.

Stop playing that bad movie.

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