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Day 31 of 2014.....start making it an epic one.

As we’re into 31 days of 2014 I ask you....what are you doing to make it an epic year? Sure you started going to the gym more, finally threw out all that Halloween candy, stepped up the juicing and even tried a cleansing diet, but have you tried to live out of your comfort zone and shake things up. When we try new things or challenge the way we’ve done things in the past, it opens us up to question our old habits and old ideas. It is healthy to engage in new experiences and learn new skills that will inspire us and teach us new ways that haven’t before.

Is this the year you finally bust through the boundaries of the familiar, comfortable, safe and routine and decide to boldly go for it? Believe in yourself that this is the year you will try and trust your instincts that you can step in the arena to dare greatly.   If I told you if you did one of the following below that it would help you tackle challenges with new burst of energy and awareness or see old issues in a renewed light would you try it? Let's see....

 1.       Why not take a new class whether it be a group cooking class or a private chef culinary lesson, take a foreign language linguistic course, or sign up for a painting or photography class. Maintaining a creative outlet will manifest new experiences for you. Either you will use that new learned language or Tuscan cooking class to take a trip at that country you always wanted to go to or start taking photographs of the small world around you and begin to appreciate and see things differently to inspire and ignite new ideas.

 2.       Do you secretly have a favorite hobby that you enjoy, but never give yourself the time to pick it up again. Have you wondered if this hobby of yours can be an actual side business for you….everyone loves that custom cookie you only make during holidays, or wants that piece of jewelry you made for yourself, or a crochet scarf you randomly knit. Why not create your own collection, brand yourself and sell them on It’s just takes that moment where you decide to face your fear and do what you love....then your next step is to contact me and I can help you launch and brand it.

 Now if the first two suggestions are too bold for you to start with, then just try something that's uniquely different for you each day and be grateful that you did it. For example, try an ethnic restaurant in a different neighborhood (without checking the online restaurant reviews), drive a different way to/from work even if it takes an extra 15 minutes, spend an afternoon exploring a museum and actually upgrade for the video tour as well, or just explore a different part of your city, sit at a park bench, people watch, then go to a café and write about what you observed.

By challenging yourself to experience things you normally wouldn’t do and learning to try something out of your comfort zone will prepare you for life's beautiful changes and manifest experiences or insights that you never have been open to. How wonderful to just try something uniquely different for yourself and begin to embrace those epic moments of inspiration.