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Are You Online Dating? You Should Be Branding Your Dating Profile.

There are many of you who are trying to find love cruising the dating internet sites. From to POF, the online dating playing field can be overwhelming, so start with a plan to brand your profile and set it apart from the millions of other profiles. Here are 10 Tips to boost your profile into your own brand and help you with the rules of engagement in the Online Dating Arena.

1.       Create a cool username that describes your personality style, favorite vacation spot or activity. Avoid overtly erotic or typical stripper names.

2.       Post an amazing recent photo of yourself, preferable a candid head shot. If you can, get your makeup and hair done by a professional. A simple blow out can do wonders. Grab a close friend to take several pics of you, and include in your 5-6 photo album a couple of full length body shots that flatters your figure. Do not post pics of yourself with exposed body parts, wearing sunglasses, getting drunk at a crazy night in Vegas, pictures of just your pet or sexy selfies in front of your bathroom mirror. Do not put up any skin baring or provocative photos...leave something for the imagination.

3.       Be true to yourself on your profile. Think of great adjectives that brand genuine you, but remain humble yet confident as you describe yourself, your life, your kids, your plans or desires. Do share your best case scenarios in dating and relationships. Please do not describe your last relationship or how you are still bitter because you caught your ex in bed with your best friend.

4.       Once your profile is live…. Engage. Engage. Engage. 

5.       What I mean is do not wait for them to come to you, do more than “wink” or “flirt”, reach out to your crush profile and write a short witty email. Make sure you state that you find them attractive, handsome, fit, etc. and you are intrigued by their profile and would like to learn more. Please note that those few profiles that are way too hot in their pics, are already getting bombarded by tons of emails and winks.  Be patient that you will hear back and the best you can do is reach out and hope he/she is not already involved. 

6.       Do not be discouraged. You will be going through 100’s of profiles. If you do not hear back, please don’t stalk. Move on. Keep looking. Expand your miles search. 

7.       You do not want a pen pal. If they're insistent of keeping it as email exchanges and avoids setting up a time to speak or meet away. They are probably married, involved in another relationship or just looking for a distraction from their crummy love life.

8.       Once you have established 2 or 3 email exchanges, take it to the next level and ask to exchange phone numbers. If you are hesitant to give yours out first, ask for theirs instead. Send a recent selfie of yourself with a big smile and request the same (again, avoid the overtly sexy bathroom poses). Be cautious of those excuses, "my cell can't take pictures" or "I just got a new cell and need to figure how to do that." Delete and block that person if they refuse to share a current photo! Otherwise, set up a time to call and definitely call as scheduled. Avoid the endless texting game, talk live!

9.       If the call is going well do not hang up without setting up a live meeting, whether it be over coffee, meeting in a park bench or happy hour. Be present in your meeting, ask sincere questions and listen. If he/she hardly asks you any questions about yourself, that's a red flag. Make sure you prepare an “out” in case it should not go well Both your time is precious and at the end if your instincts tell you to walk away, well, it’s better to be get it over quickly than drag out the unavoidable. Please be respectful in the let down, that there is no chemistry on your part, and just be honest that you are not attractive to him/her.

10.   Now, if the first live interaction went very well and it was mutual, I bet your iPhone or Android will be blowing up with how well it went and when you can meet next for another date. The rest is up to you to be real, open your heart and get to know your new online friend in a genuine level. Good luck and focus on highlighting your profile your own personal brand.   

Please feel free to email me with more tips on how to improve your online dating profile into your own authentic brand.  Let me help you make that first step.

This could be you.

This could be you.